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Build Clarity and Resourcefulness during times of uncertainty in your life. 

This coaching offer is designed to support you in navigating uncertain and unfamiliar times. 

Our objectives during this session will be: 

a.  Give you the space and time to think clearly.

The session will give you time away from pressing daily issues so that you can take a breath, reflect, gather your thoughts and take a step back. It will give you the  opportunity to explore what is happening in your world with someone whose only interest is to help you to move from where your are to where you wish to be. 

b.  Help you design a flexible plan to navigate uncertainty. 

The session will give you the space to challenge yourself and your thinking so that you are able to access ideas and creativity that you simply didn’t know was there. You will focus on your agenda and your own unique situation to develop clarity, increased confidence and a plan for next steps.

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until JUNE 2021

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