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"...that female one who is neither speaker nor hearer."

she started her life's journey

with eyes full of innocence and hope

but the walls of structure

the weight of expectations

the demand on her will

had already began their onslaught

she was not going to win

she knew better at the start

a radiant and beautiful spirit

so she pleaded for the chance to create her own world

but the chains and shackles wielded their terror over her body

the weight of the world tormenting her soul

her spirit lay low, still, lifeless ...

she was not going to win

love has been torn from her soul

her soul torn from her body

she is tortured by the hell

Will she call for rescue?

Will she surrender to her annihilation?

will she forever be shamed and ridiculed?

will she find her fire?

At this point in hell, will anything do?

In Love - Always


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