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Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Do you recognise hope in your life?

Living with fibroids is not the easiest thing to do in life! The condition permeates nearly every part of my life; leaving me trapped in a routine that is both a haven and a maximum-security prison. A routine that I am too afraid to let go of for fear of pain, shame, and suffering. I am thankful for the security the routine provides whilst also feeling like a captive in the limited freedom. I have specific foods for specific times, specific clothes for specific days, specific activities for specific times ...everything MUST be planned well and in advance. If my life is not effectively planned and organised, then there is a possibility of disaster finding me ...

And it has! Blood stained clothes, weeks spent in pain, anaemia, exhaustion, fainting spells, cancelled social and work plans have all been consequences when the routine is not strictly adhered to.

Living in the COVID 19 lockdown has alleviated some of the stress and anxiety because I do not have to leave home. I can calmly deal with the symptoms of my condition in the comfort of my home. In this life vacuum, I began to re-evaluate how I saw my routines and I was extremely surprised by what I discovered!

The routines I have in place are the pathways towards healing. My routines are the constant expression of my belief in my hope for better health. The development and implementation of the multiple routines are a representation of my creativity and problem-solving skills. The commitment to my routines is a symbol of my endurance and my commitment to a positive existence. My routines are a symbol of my hope. They are to be treasured and revered because they keep me away from despair and hopelessness. They keep me strong in my belief in the possibility of being healthier rather than remaining transfixed on doubt, fear, bitterness, insecurity, anger and anxiety.

I remember when I first got my diagnosis, I had no idea what fibroids were and how to live with the condition. I spent weeks researching the condition and sifting through a multitude of ideas to find gems of advice and suggestions. Over the past six years, I have experimented with these gems and suggestions to slowly build up a system that has allowed me to navigate the challenges presented by my condition more easily. The knowledge and understanding I have gained has made it so much easier for me to live in joy and optimism despite my condition. How did I never recognise this as hope?

So, I guess with this post, I wanted to suggest that the idea of actively putting strategies in your life that move you from pain, anguish and suffering demonstrate your hope.

Life will always be filled with challenges and struggles that leave us teetering on the edge of broken and crushed if hope did not exist. Hope is essential in our lives. Hope is necessary. The sad part is that we sometimes do not recognise our own hope manifesting in our lives because we do not know or forget what hope looks like. I hope this post encourages you to keep on making progress in the face of a life where adversity and challenge is the norm. I hope with this post you can clearly recognise your own hope and smile each time you see it manifesting in your own life.

On my end, I am looking forward to keeping on discovering new gems of wisdom that I will incorporate into my life to keep the hope for a healthier life burning bright !

In Love Always


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