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A note for my little sister ...

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

"Sisters are like angels. They sparkle twinkle and glow, they are the greatest gift our hearts will ever know. A sister is more than a forever friend. She is a joy to the heart, and love without end.”

The most amazing relationship in my life is with my little sister. She showed me what unconditional love looks like and it has been my greatest lesson on earth. It feels like she always asks herself the question- what would love do in every moment.

Her affection for me knows no end...

She is my bravest warrior, my greatest champion, a loyal ally, my fiercest enemy, the shoulder I cry on, the mirror of truth and kind honesty, the one who holds my hand when I can't seem to find myself, she walks beside me in my journey to make my wildest dreams come true, she is an absolute bundle of joy...

So I sit here today wanting to give her something precious for her life. The greatest gift in my mind is the gift of knowledge. Knowledge will give her wisdom. Wisdom will give her peace of mind. Peace of mind will help her make the next right decision as she goes through life. Decisions greatly determine what our lives feel like and what they become. So here are my gifts of advice to the little sister I adore ...


Remember that you are the greatest version of love that I know in this world. If you remember that you are love, you will always remember who you are. You will always remember your purpose in life. You will always treat others in a balanced way. I love that you show deep affection for yourself in a charming and hilarious way. I also love how you extend this love to others. Whether you say Yes or No to them, your actions are not based on frivolities.They are based on a foundation of positive thought that I have always found fascinating. Keep on trusting your voice ...It is unique. It is yours. It is the greatest way you show love , truth and compassion to others.


Keep on celebrating every moment of your life on earth. I love the way your face lights up when something pleases you and brings you joy. I love the curious diligence that drives your quest for success. I love the way you say, "everything for a reason " when things don't go exactly to plan. I love the excitement you get when you are the mistress of your destiny. Keep on celebrating every moment with exuberance and passion. This is the home of your enthusiasm and zest for life ...When things don't go to plan, remember to let it go, bitterness can strip you of your joy if you let it!


I know you will be alright on your own because you have a "big head" and endless courage in your soul. But I also know that you will do well and be awesome because you keep reaching out for more and more knowledge. I have seen how it transforms your life everyday. You seek new knowledge and you apply it with a diligence and commitment that fills my soul with so much pride. Never stop wanting to learn and grow ever ...


No one in the world compares to you... You are gifted, talented and unique! I used to worry about your inability to stick to one thing EVER. You were a novice then a master then you moved on to something else. Now I know that every new thing that you take the time to master is a string in your bow. You will use your mastery of these different gifts and talents to carve out your destiny! Live long and prosper ...


Keep on holding yourself in appreciation,adoration and respect. I love the fact that you do not expect it from others. You appreciate it when you receive it and hold those that cross you accountable. Those that cannot recognise the justice in this will weed themselves out and leave space for those who appreciate you. Never abandon your thoughts or spirit in the name of compromise, never gamble with your own life. Consult, study, learn and commune with your spirit often so that you keep nurturing this healthy image of yourself. If you keep on in this way, you will never abandon yourself and leave yourself at the mercy of someone else's dreams. You will be fair to yourself and consequently fair to others.


I know that the word change and risk is one that should never be mentioned next to you ... but stepping outside your comfort zone is something you do everyday! You step out of your comfort zone every time you start exploring a new place of interest in your life. You do it every time you let me experiment with a new version of myself. You do it every time you create something new in the kitchen, in your art book , on your face , on your hair , in your photography, in your work. No one has ever held you back, not even you!


Keep remembering that the mundane is exactly that - mundane. FUN IS IMPORTANT! Make "treat yo self" a rule not a maybe. The last year has been extremely hard on you. You took it all in your stride and you have done the work that needs to be done to find the right balance in your life. Let that balance now include more and more and more fun. Remember I said balance! I know the procrastination bug in your system is a beast you battle each day ..


There are a couple here. Friends come and go. Enjoy the moment, if they stay - just keep on enjoying them. It will be alright when they leave. When they leave it is not always about you, it may be that their destiny is calling them. Sometimes it could be that they came as healing to you or you were a healing to them. Disappointment in others is inevitable, just trust that you know who is worth suffering for and who is not. Your spirit and your knowledge will always guide you. The most important though is that you know how to be a good friend. You have been my "bestest" friend all your life!

Mental Health:

How you feel is important. Your emotions do play a significant part in how you relate to the world. Take time to express your emotions, look at them , share them, explore them. Never be afraid to ask for help or support. I love the fact that you journal a lot. As you move on, you can add meditation, you can get a mentor or coach or commune with a circle of wise family and friends. They can help ease your mind in troubled times, raise your spirits in dark times and celebrate with you in the happy times.

All of which, uplift your spirit. It eases your mind and keeps you healthy, creative and inspired.

Love Your Body:

I have always admired how comfortable you are in your own skin. You have survived so much in the last year and you did it with grace even when your spirit was breaking. Your body will continue to change and challenge you as time goes by. I cannot promise that it will get easier but you can keep on being consistent in taking care of yourself. ALWAYS LOVE YOUR BODY. It does so much for you even when times are hard. The best you can do is love it unconditionally. You will never get a new one. Keep it well nourished, looked after, adorned and cherished.


Right now you define success as freedom, giving to others and fun. I am excited to see how this journey develops ! Keep on defining this definition over and over and over again; until your purpose for life becomes crystal clear. The work you are doing now will give you the momentum to achieve your dreams once your purpose and the vehicle for your purpose becomes clear. Always remember that we believe in you. You are not alone on your journey. Everything you need for your success is in you. Your passion will attract collaborators; your success family.


I am hoping that you do not get to see yourself and the works of your love as failure. I am hoping you see them as opportunities to discover more of who you are. Forever the eternal optimist I am. But just in case you feel low in spirit about something or someone, please start with forgiving yourself. Learn, get up again and where necessary apologise sincerely. It is alright to feel awful about things but do not let it rob you of your spirit, your passion and energy!

Is He The One:

I feel like saying never ask me considering my history! The truth is that, only you can tell if he is the one. You will identify his spirit, his need, his wounds, his potential and his value. You will know if you have the capacity to deeply appreciate him completely. All I can say is learn more about who you are and what you are. The more you know, the easier it will get for you to know if he is the one for you.


This is last because relationships are everything. From my experience, the biggest thing you consider at the end of life is LOVE. Nothing else really matters. So, continue to love yourself and those in your life as intensely as you do. But the advice here is show it more often. Sometimes you can get caught up in routine and miss out on the spontaneous acts of love. So commit yourself to more spontaneity and making more time for those you love. Even though you are an introvert, don't always take it for granted that tomorrow will come. When you can't make time however, always remember that your love is shown in the quality not quantity. We who love you , understand this.

I think this is it my dearest!!!

In Love - Always


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