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"I can only be myself - but I would love to visit and experience your world. "

I am always fascinated by other people. Their stories, their feelings, their thoughts, their experiences, their insights, their visions ...

I love hearing about the similarities and understanding them. But I have a deeper fascination with difference.

I think it is because the difference is always the thing that I am missing in my world. It is nice to experience their world and feel how it feels to be them. See how who they are informs their life and their achievements. I tend to learn a lot about myself from the difference I observe. As I sift through their viewpoints and approaches, I find out more about what I want plus what I do not want. It has always felt to me like the catalyst to my enlightenment and alignment with the best version of myself.

When I meet difference, it is always an opportunity for a transformation. It is like a treasure of thought and ideas. Like a researcher I dive into the data and information - Observe, Record, Classify, Evaluate.

Through this process, my world always expands. The parts of me that were stagnant are revitalised; they become vibrant and flowing again. The parts of me that were on the go; gain more momentum and speed. My perspective becomes more clear and more certain. The things that weren't meant to be in my life move further away; into the distance. Those that should be in it, get closer. I find channels and activities that have been waiting for me; just waiting for me TO GET THERE. Waiting for me to explore and enjoy. Sometimes, to learn my hardest lessons and grow.

I love difference because it gives me millions of opportunities to expand my fluency with life. I can live more authentically, love more unconditionally and follow my destiny with more conviction.

In Love - Always


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