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Here comes 2023!

.... so, Who will you be in 2023?

For those that have not been on this journey with me, my heart struggled with 2020, I was awesome in 2021 and I had strong faith for miracles happening in 2022! Whilst there were times during the year when some parts of my life seemed like they were unravelling; 2022 did not disappoint at all. It was glorious! I simply became more and more and more of the things I valued and desired. I became more peace, more joy, more love, more loved, more loving, more glorious, more health... and I am so excited to share two secrets from my experience! I hope these will be gems that you will treasure for an awesome and glorious 2023.

According to scripture and our inspirational stories, the power of creation lies in our words. Creative thought is power. Our words will destroy anything unlike itself whilst embracing and nourishing what is like itself. In my experience, the beauty of this is that what is for me stays with me or comes to me. On the other hand, what is not for me leaves and creates a space for what is truly mine. As an example, by spending time clearly defining what I wanted in my love life, a love that was not for me left and within two weeks I discovered a greater love that transformed my life. Whilst I was surprised, I was not surprised. I had been using my words in imagination, affirmation, journals, and song writing to express my deep longing for a beautiful love and a relationship that was mine.

So the first secret is simple: Use your words to create the world you would love to see! Imagine it, dream it, write it, share it, sing it, watch it, perform it, day dream..... the ways you can do it are endless. Do it in whatever way you choose to; just as long as you focus on practicing speaking your desires and wishes with your heart, your mind, your voice and your actions.

For the second secret I will start off with a question: What would you say if you knew that every word spoken for your good rather than against your good is bringing you closer to your blessing and further away from the drama and trauma? Hmmmm ...

The underlying premise is that God knows what we want even before we say it, all that is needed is our faith and belief in his love and his promises to us. Therefore, would you speak for your blessing or against your blessing? Would you speak in glory of God or in awe of pain and suffering?

I believe that everything is set to always bring us home to God and love. So, in my practice, I simply believe and speak for this truth; never against it with complaining and lamenting. I leave fear, anxiety, doubt, and stress by the wayside and focus my attention on my creative thoughts, MY POWER! Even when what would appear to be the worst situation shows up, I speak for the glory of God and the fulfilment of his promise and suddenly a window opens! Suddenly an answer comes to me, in the form of an idea, a person, an opportunity or a revelation! Healing, soothing and upliftment is always on hand in his embrace. What seemed like the worst situation turns out to be the way to greater fulfilment and satisfaction. So, the second secret is speak always for your good and never your fears. Grow your faith in the promises that your God or your spirit has made to you. Do not mess with the beautiful world you created using secret one with fear, complaining and lamentations. Embrace faith, curiosity and bravery then watch your life be everything you ever desired.

Happy Holidays to all and may 2023 be the best year ever! I say farewell to 2022 and call in 2023 with my latest affirmation:

Hello 2023! Welcome! I greet you with sooooooooooo much anticipation and excitement for what we will be together. I receive you with the expectation of every good thing. I come into you ready for the fulfilment of every powerful and holy thought.

I receive the assignment you place before me and willingly offer service to all.

I know that everything is presenting itself for the glory of the whole and the glory of the highest. Only the good, the great, the significant, and the constructive do you present to me.

Life is safe with me. Love is safe with me. Success is safe with me. I am safe with me.

Love inspires me and Faith empowers me !

The intention is for greater.

Greater love, greater happiness, greater adventures, greater discoveries, greater evolutions and greater successes.

Simply a greater, more meaningful and satisfying life!

2023; I am ready to be all of me!

The magnificent one that God was inspired to create as a channel for his love and greatness.

Amen :-)

In Love

Always xxx

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