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Updated: Apr 17, 2020

"An Idea Is Salvation By Imagination." – Frank Lloyd Wright

Ideas : A THOUGHT OR COLLECTION OF THOUGHTS; generated in the mind. Ideas can be generated intentionally or unintentionally.

The beauty of ideas is the simplicity, duality and complexity. It also lies in the different formats like books, movies, songs, memes, poems, quotes, jokes, satire, comedy, speeches, physicality, scripts, conversations, myths, history, predictions, proclamations, interrogations, prophecies, challenges, questions, theories ...

Ideas that you encounter, share, teach or use can stir emotion and action. They can cause a transformation. So, What ideas will you share today? What ideas will you seek today? What ideas will you put into practice? What ideas will you create?

Become an unleashed voice! Free your voice ... Release. In case you are wondering how? We have three ideas to get you started:

Imagine in a wondrous and limitless way.

Say something powerful.

Do something meaningful and be of service in great ways.

Unleash: Free, Release, Unchain, Untether, Unshakle...
Unleash: Let go, Let fly...
Unleash: Cause a strong force to become unrestrained ...

Always be blessed x

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