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Intentional Appreciation

To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world... Dr Seuss

One of my friends is truly a wise lady. I have always wondered about how she viewed her love relationship despite the struggles she and her partner have had. I spoke to her last night and she said that she always looks at the positives. She said that she always appreciates her partner and will intentionally focus on the things that make her happy over the things that upset her. Listening to her list all the things that he did that she appreciated brought a massive smile to my face. In that space I saw one side of love in its purest form ...

For those of you with the right person for you, your life shines brighter because he is interested in investing and pouring into you. He is focused on making you happy. He has called you his. His intention is clear! He is consistent in his love, his honour and his caring. You are not just any person, to him you are the world. So who will you be? I propose that being intentional about feeling and sharing appreciation and adoration for your beloved is a key ingredient in building healthier and longer-term relationships. Do you make it your choice to appreciate your special person daily? Do you thank him? Do you compliment him? Do you bestow the gift of your joy and happiness to his spirit? Do you offer the gift of your peace to his soul? Do you intentionally seek him?

Intentionally appreciating your special person will fill you with "the good feeling", a fantastic basis for a healthy and magical relationship. Have you ever wondered why the actions taken when you are feeling unhappy are always regretted? Unhappy thoughts that are not carefully curated and explored lead to bitterness that can recklessly destroy us and those we love. Sometimes we ruin our own relationships by letting our unhappy thoughts rule. Leaning into positivity and "the good feeling" in our relationships is essential. This can only happen when we regularly acknowledge and appreciate our special person.

One of the benefits of having the "good feeling" from intentional appreciation is the ease with which challenges can be explored. Though some relationship challenges can be complex, they can be explored in a way that is good natured, light-hearted and fun. You can have debates, negotiations, or discussions without the heaviness of unhappiness and negative energy. You can have discussions that do not focus on lamentations, criticisms, and judgements but the mutual desire to be in "good feeling" together. A mutual desire to create and apply solutions that benefit the relationship. A mutual desire for each other's happiness. Wouldn't this be an amazing space to be in with your love every single time?

Put simply, appreciation leads to good feeling; good feeling leads to more understanding and acceptance which when combined strengthens the bonds in your relationship. So again, I pose the life question, who will you be to the one who loves you ? Will you be the person that will intentionally appreciate the love of your life?

As always, each one will make their own choice! As for me and my house I am on the appreciation train. Thank you soooo much for reading this post. I thank you for choosing to take the time to consider my thoughts. I am humbled and eternally grateful.

In Love

Always xxx

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