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Filter all negativity to produce positive ripples ... Martin Shaw

The job, the car, the house, the friends, the family, the body, the partner, the clothes, the career, the hobbies, the project, the causes, the faith ....Nearly everything we cherished at one stage becomes the thing we would like to get away from...QUICKLY!

It becomes the thing we like to moan and complain about in great measure. It becomes the target of our lack of happiness and stress. We begin to want more and more and more of what we do not have.

Wanting what we do not have drives us to become better. We strive more and we thrive more. Whilst it is alright to want what we do not have, letting this want turn into a craving that diminishes the value of what we currently have diminishes our humanity and our joy. We begin to appreciate what we have and what we are less and less and may I add less ... What we have and who we are begin to decrease in value and worth ... We then describe what was once valuable to us in negative terms ... pain in the head, awful, tired, old, mean, past its prime, worn out, drained, ancient and the list goes on. What we once yearned for and rejoiced in is the bane of our existence. As we continue down this path, we lose our passion and our joy dies. Our life then begins to look like an increased pool of complaints, bitterness, dissatisfaction, anger, trauma, emptiness, depression, sadness... NEGATIVITY

It is not all doom and gloom however! Remember how it felt when you first saw that thing or person that used to bring you joy? How did it feel? What value did you place on the person or item? What words did you use to describe them? Oh my Lord, that car is a life-saver! This house is everything that I need now! I really needed this job! I can't wait to see him tomorrow ! She is the most amazing person - how did I ever live without her! This baby is a gift from heaven! The words signified the immense value, the unequivocal worth! Total Love and Appreciation.

Gratitude is not always natural for mankind. There is a tendency to be in expectation or dissatisfaction. Being grateful allows us to be patient and ready to see the silver lining. Sometimes we are too busy lamenting that we do not recognise the blessings flowing in surprising ways. It could be in the form of advice, counsel, unexpected opportunity, a new path or the coming together of existing variables in your life. Sometimes, it could simply be dodging a bullet; something that was not meant for you.

It is alright to want more and better in all aspects of our lives; but in our search for this , it is vital that we value what came before. Having a deep appreciation for where we came from and where we are is the re-ignition fuel needed to clear negativity. Clearing the negativity allows us to have more positive thoughts that fuel new ideas, inspiration, new plans and strategies. Positive thoughts also fuel our enthusiasm and drive. it is also attractive energy that helps us build amazing connections and draw the resources we need.

Pay attention:

Thoughts become words

Words become actions

Actions become habits

Habits become our character

Do you wish to become NEGATIVITY?

What home will you create with negativity?

What community will you create with negativity?

What results will you achieve from negativity?

Re-ignite you passion for what you have and are right now to ignite your tomorrow!

In Love

Always xxx

Reference: Abridged Talmud quote.

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