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Older Again !

Age is not how old you are, but how many years of fun you have had...Matt Maldre

I was blow-drying my hair in February 2021 and lo and behold ... I found a grey hair on my temple. Now let me not pretend that I do not have grey hair. I have a patch that I've had since I was little. Precisely 8 months old. I love this patch so much and always celebrate it. So the intense emotion is not because I have grey hair but rather that this new one signifies a new phase in my life .. I am growing older. Much older ! I always say that I am living and dying at the same time but the concept of being older is something I have never really contemplated deeply. The first person I thought to dial was my mum and she was busy with her life so I was left on my own to ruminate this unexplored concept !

40 was what I had waited for with excitement. It feels like it was only a few months ago that I was celebrating my 40 years on the planet. Celebrating the wisdom of the past and looking forward to the adventures of my more wiser self. But now the grey hair symbolised the physical change that getting older brings.

I started wondering about my health, my physique, my looks, my ability to look after myself ...

I would love to still be physically fit and active in my older years. I would love to be able to still go hiking, swimming, dancing, walking , playing as I advance in years ; but my lifestyle was not 100% geared to this goal. I guess this tells you that I was not at pique physical condition and I had work to do.

So off I went to a functional doctor to get a holistic overview of my life. Everything was explored! Nothing was off the list ! They explored my nutrition, body parts, sleep, pre-existing conditions, emotional wellbeing, relationships, work stress and exercise - with the intention of setting up a routine to hold time! If possible turn back time. I love asking for the supposed impossible.

Verdict: Stress ages us. Unhealthy lifestyles age us. Terrible relationships age us. A lack of sleep ages us. Unhealthy use of technology ages us. If any of these are on your list, it may be time for a change before it's too late...

So here I am on the Keto diet, sleeping at 9.00 pm sharp, walking 10,00 steps a day, meditating and shoring positive energy in my body, seeking beautiful relationships with everyone in my life, exploring less stressful work options and being " zesty about life " !

I have to say, I feel better and looking forward to being healthy, joyful strong and fit as I advance in years. There are so many pleasures in life and I do not want to miss out on anything! I want to enjoy it all until the last. So hurrah - I am Older Again!

In Love

Always xxx

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1 Comment

Hilda Byakika
Hilda Byakika
May 03, 2021

Enjoy every bit of growing

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