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Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Truth is like surgery. It hurts but cures... Anonymous

This is a short one ladies. It is just food for thought on a Sunday. We always hear or say that the truth will always set you free; but how true is this for you in your life? If you are not sure, this maybe something that you can explore and evaluate in your life.

As you go through this week,

Be willing to hear the truth in your spirit, mind and soul.

Be willing to share the truth with yourself and others.

Be willing to listen and accept the truth from others.

In this place you will find freedom.

Freedom of thought.

Freedom of speech.

Freedom to live.

Freedom to be ...






In this place you will find peace.

Honesty is an act of love for ourselves. Being willing to share who we truly are is an act of love for ourselves. Honesty shows our courage and bravery as we take on feedback and challenges constructively. Honesty demonstrates our willingness to let the love in. Why deny who we are, change ourselves or hide? Why rob others of the opportunity to have authentic relationships with us? Why rob ourselves of the opportunities to profoundly experience and positively grow our inner world ?

Most critically, why subject yourself to disappointment and tragedy because you chose not to be honest about yourself or with yourself? Isn't it better to choose to experience the joy of inclusion, acceptance, guidance, learning , growth, compassion and peace when you share your authentic self?

Truth always empowers you! Actively search and eliminate the lies in your life. Refine what you say and do. A lie is like a pain killer. The lie gives instant relief but has side effects forever. Truth can do no harm. I cannot remember where I got this from, but it is something that has stuck with me ...

Speak your truth even when you are dying inside

Fear never grew a hero

No prophet

No free thinker

No rebel

No fighter

No thinker

No saviour

No leader

No theorist

No experimenter

No innovator

No trailblaizer

No genius

Hope this is a useful theme to start off the first week of the month.

In Love

Always xxx

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