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A successful life is a journey. It’s a marathon that will last your life time.  It’s paved with obstacles, challenges, triumphs, surprises, changes, twists and turns. It’s important to treat your life as a long planned and

task-focused journey, as well as your moment of chance. There will be moments of success and moments of failure. You need to be prepared for these.

The focus is to align your desire to be fulfilled with actions that will get you results.  To do all this you need to take the time to invest in yourself. If not now, when?

We have partnered with Journei on their Living A Fulfilled Life Coaching Programme to get you started today!

Want to just dip your toe in or looking for additional guidance in living a fulfilled life?
Then the 1 -2 -1 programme for Journei is just what you are looking for.
Living a fulfilled life

Do you have a clear understanding of what’s important in your life? Do you feel fulfilled? Do you know how to feel fulfilled? This programme  will help you to focus and achieve what you want.

We’re all looking to have a fulfilling career or business, find love, achieve optimal health, enjoy rewarding relationships or have financial security, and more…

The purpose of this programme is to focus you on this journey and help you set a solid plan that will allow you to consistently maintain a focus on your own happiness.​

Questions we will answer by the end of the programme include:

  • How do I get a clear understanding about what is important in my life?

  • How do I deal with the insecurities, obstacles, barriers effectively?

  • How do I maintain continued focus on living a fulfilling life?

This programme will help you to focus and achieve what

you want. 

It is time to recognise, accept and embrace your valuable self; and to become truly happy, both personally and professionally.

How will the team support you: 

The journei way 

1. Find out who you really are

The Exploration Cornerstone 

An essential part of a meaningful and fulfilling life is doing work that’s exciting, enjoyable and rewarding. What these things mean to you as an individual are strongly influenced by who you are.

We’ll help you to explore the different areas of your personality (known as the ‘Big 5’) and discover the values that are meaningful to you. You’ll develop a stronger understanding of the ingredients that are essential in your life in order for you to be content, happy and fulfilled, unlocking your true potential.

2. Create a plan of action

The Creation Cornerstone 

Once you’ve discovered your true self and purpose, we’ll work with you to create an achievable plan of action.

You’ll have a clear understanding of your values, motivation and preferences, and the part each of them plays in influencing your choices and decisions. We’ll work with you to help you to use this knowledge to

your advantage.

We have a wealth of tools available to help you challenge your current mindset and design realistic, yet innovate, plans for your career. What may once have felt unachievable will soon feel

very real.

3. Turn your plan into reality

The Action Cornerstone

It’s all too easy to have fantastic ideas and foolproof plans, but never see any results. We’ll help put the structures in place to turn your plan into reality.

Together we’ll maximize your potential by using your understanding of who you are to optimize your rate of success, making full use of all your strengths. A truly personal approach that supports you as the individual you are, helping you towards achieving your own personal vision.

4. Learn to deal with challenges

The Endurance Cornerstone

As you follow your action plan to a happy and fulfilled working life or career, you’re likely to face different challenges along the way. Different skills, strengths and areas for development will be uncovered. You’re also likely to come across failure, disappointment, stress

and uncertainty.

At Journei, we believe endurance is the key to ensuring you stay on track. We’ll work alongside you to make sure you keep pushing through your boundaries, while reinforcing your confidence, resilience and motivation. We’re here to help ensure you remain focused on achieving

your goals.

5. Continue moving forwards

The Growth Cornerstone

Once you reach step 5, you’ll be well on your journey towards a content, happy and fulfilled working life. You’ll:

  • understand your values, strengths (and areas for development) and aims.

  • know what steps you need to take to continue moving forwards.

  • celebrate your successes, as well as your failures and the lessons they bring.

  • Meet others who challenge your vision, grow your ideas and enhance your working life.

  • learn, refine and shine brighter with each and every step you take.

At this stage you’ll be fulfilling a healthy cycle of achievement, learning and development, growing with each and every day that passes. You won’t just be celebrating the destination, but also the journey itself.

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