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I am a Blessing. I am a Gift. I am Mercy. I am Kindness. I am Thanks. I am Support. I am Grace. I am Permission. I am Absolution. I am a Miracle. I am Compassion. I am Love ...

I consider the people I meet as I walk through life to be a blessing. I try to extend my gratitude and thanks to them for being in my life as often as I can. I appreciate their affection, kindness, attention, their love and their generosity. I look forward to spending time in their presence. I miss them when they are gone and long for their return... I promise to love them, beyond the end of time. I am happy with who they are and enjoy our differences. I support them in their decisions. When times are rough, I work hard to make it better. I constantly learn forgiveness and patience. I open my heart to the endless possibilities that being in their presence could bring - good or bad. When they cross my boundaries I explain it in kindness and ask for better. I make difficult decisions to protect them from harm. I encourage them to practice self-care always. My question for this short post is, What would life be like if I did this for myself too?

What would my life be like if I considered myself a blessing? What would it feel like if I believed wholeheartedly that the world is a better place because I exist? How would I feel if I thanked myself every day for being present in my own life? How would I show up if I bestowed love and kindness to myself and rejoiced in the experience? Who would I be if I saw myself slipping away and fought hard to keep my spirit alive? How would it feel if I was a comfort to myself - a safe space to land every time? How would it feel if I could make myself feel better no matter what was going on? How would I support myself when my flaws show up? How would I grow if I replaced the shame and guilt I felt for excitement at the possibility of refinement and transformation ?

My deepest hope is that I would get

closer to the ultimate definition of love - an intense feeling of deep affection. An intense deep affection for myself.

I would have a deep affection for myself that is as intense as the love I feel for others.

Deep inside, we all know that our love for ourselves is the greatest love of all. We however sideline this truth because we are afraid of appearing self-centred, selfish or mean. We then shrink our love for self until there is nothing but a big gaping wounded hole inside. This hole is the space where the things that plague our existence begin to grow and flourish. Our pain, fears, anguish, anxiety, addictions, worry, dissatisfaction, dis-ease! We then begin to call them our needs. We then make them the conditions and barriers that block our lives and choke our very existence.

Think about this and as always share your thoughts..

On the days when you are struggling with the concept of self -love, consider these thoughts. Imagine there is nothing or no one to give you love or the replacement versions of love then ask yourself : Who or what will I turn to ? Who will be in the driving seat of my life? Where will I find the courage, strength and the will to keep ALIVE? Where will I find comfort? Where will I find faith, hope and belief? In the darkest times, who will stand up for me? Who will cheer for me? Who will smile and say I love you?

In Love - Always


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