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It Will Pass...

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

“Suffering passes, while love is eternal. That's a gift that you have received from God. Don't waste it." - Laura Ingalls Wildersh

My sister reminded me that is was September 2022 and I looked at her in confusion! Why is September important? She looked at me for what seemed like forever before reminding me that September was the month when someone attacked me and nearly took my life ...

I had forgotten!

You can imagine my shock!

The now forgotten day was the 4th September and here I was on the 13th of September completely oblivious of what was once a significant date in my life calendar.

If you know me, I remember every date. Dates are precious to me.

Whilst I was shocked, I was delighted too :-)

A day comes when an experience that once caused you immense pain or suffering will be a page in your history. The experience will no longer be a fixture in your present existence. Every moment you face will always become the past.

It will pass... Whichever way we look at life, everything always passes with time; what we keep is the memories that we replay in our minds.

You can choose what memory to replay!

Definition of Past: gone by in time and no longer existing !

Rather than focusing on the attack or the person that attacked me, I focused on the truth. The truth is that God loves me, I am precious to him and he has saved me. He heard my cry for my life and he rescued me. My truth is that God lifts me up and I know he will lift me up in any situation life brings to me. The things that I had been worrying about prior to the attack faded into oblivion when I was praying for my life and those that I loved. The experience showed me what was important to me ; life, love, connection, self-expression and happiness. This truth was bigger than anything I had ever experienced and led me to one of my favourite life resolutions.

My resolve is to live my life intentionally. I love strongly, I eagerly explore life and I happily share my soul. I get better at my resolve everyday and from the fact that I forgot the date, it means that I am "doing well" - actually better than well. I am flourishing :-) I am soaring and blissing out endlessly. Life is full of many many many many mmmmmmmmmmh, yum, uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh, wow, oh my gosh moments. I am fully alive and passionate about the life flowing through me and to me.

The most interesting thing is that this experience taught me to make peace with life. Not much unsettles my deepest core; I stand in peace knowing my power and my divinity. I call this lesson my life's treasure. There are some extreme situations that have happened since the attack that may have previously seemed unsurmountable to me but I simply called all of them life and let God!

So my loves ; when life presents itself to you walk in faith and love. Know that everything passes in the end; what remains is always the love, the beautiful connections and our life lessons (our life's treasures).

In Love

Always xxx

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