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The Value Of Powering Down!

"The first step to success is to hear your own voice clearly..."

It is important to power down! It is simply so that you do not lose your connection to your spirit, soul and body. Your spirit, soul and body are your decision makers. Your truth and life compass. The source of your freedom, life purpose and your sovereignty.

Every decision you make determines your eventual destiny and levels of success. If your decision makers are tired, exhausted and lacking focus; what type of decisions would you expect to make? If your decision makers were stressed and steeped in anxiety, would there be clarity in your decision making? If your decision makers were overwhelmed and overstimulated, would they dig deep to find the gems that you desire?

Take the time to power down and hang out with yourself. It could be in silence, in chatter, in laughter, in learning, in challenge, in prayer, in meditation, in luxury, in reflection, in conversation with close ones, in communion with your council ... it could be in whatever way you choose just as long as you take the time.

You will find that your replenished decision makers will begin to release your energy, your essence, your truth and your presence until you are exalting in your own abundance. You will hear your own voice clearly. It will sound so loud in your mind, body and your spirit. You will be moved to find myriads of ways to share your voice and express yourself. You will create your own lane. A lane that no one has ever imagined. A lane that no one else could conceive. A lane that no one has ever dreamt of, heard or seen ...

Is that not the beauty of a life well lived? Is that not the home of fulfilment? The home of purpose, joy, abundance, self- esteem, love, generosity, innovation, creativity, independence, freedom ...

In Love - Always


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