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Updated: Oct 6, 2022

It can be easy and it will be worth it ... Bea Bea

I am in a place in time where the renovating of self feels like a battle sometimes. I am at the place where I sometimes seesaw back and forth between really peaceful, joyful states of being and really challenging moments where I am in the midst of learning how to truly love. Moments when my spirit is in intense battles with the old patterns of thoughts and beliefs. It's not often but still once in a while is one time too many in my books! That is what I initially thought but now I truly treasure these moments in my journey ...

The focus of my journey is to hold myself to the standard of my soul, which is loving unconditionally; but sometimes people and situations in my life can be challenging. What do I do when others do not keep to their word? What do I do when others choose to consistently repeat the stories of pain, strife and scarcity? What do I do when I feel that I am trying my best and I am still slightly off the mark from what I am desiring? What do I do when I feel that I am doing my best and others just don't see it? What do I do when people choose to take offense at something I have said or done? In a place where there is no whining, no moaning, no complaining , no assertion ; how do I move through these situations? How can it be easy?

I have learnt that these moments are important, they can be easy and they will be worth it in the end. These moments are golden. This is because these moments are my stepping stones; the moments that get me to continue my work and advance further. I now see them as opportunities to live up to the standard of my soul and because of this I do not develop a lazy, overactive mind and wounded heart. I am becoming more love... What I love about this is that love is wise, innovative, divine and creative. Love energy is sacred energy and always finds a way. Love energy will find a way so that I can be a blessing to myself and others in any situation I find myself. I am confident that I will always find the essence of peace, calm and compassion and be the balm or joy that I want to be.

I also see them as moments of clarity where I can define what I wish to see in my life. You guessed right, the answer is more love. I am becoming more love ...

I breathe, smile and remember that love is bigger than everything. Becoming more love is a true blessing; it is funny how many new friends, habits and situations flow easily to me as I grown in love energy. In this new space, there is more joy, freedom, love, success, prosperity and progress in my life. The old friends, habits and situations that were not aligned to my joy and happiness fall by the wayside or change when I become more from a place of love; and suddenly the challenge eases, ceases to be or gets resolved!

So I guess, the purpose of the note this week is to say - keep on walking on your journey of your soul knowing that it is a worthwhile journey. No matter what comes your way, know that it will always be alright as long as you love through it. Enjoy every moment, knowing that you are becoming more. One day you will wake up when the renovation is complete, you are truly transformed; you are radiant, vibrant and whole.

I am waking up to being more love, more loving and more loved. The journey of my soul is easy and it is worth it :-

I am In Love

Always xxx

PS: The journey is never truly complete because you will always find something new to refine but for this note, I fell in love with the idea of a completed journey :-)

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