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Who is your friend ?

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

...because of you, I laugh so much harder, cry so much less and I am always smiling!

Today is friendship day across the globe and it got me thinking - who truly is a friend? I personally want the world to be a place where everyone is a friend to all. I think it is possible because we are all filled with the desire and capacity to care and love and if we all chose to love and care what would our lives look like.... But that is a story for another day.

My "bestest" friend in the universe has been my sister and today I want to make a little tribute to her amazing self. She is the most thoughtful and the most kindest person I know, She lives in a way that brings a smile, the eyes of love and happiness to everyone she meets. She is always looking for ways to bring happiness to herself and other people. I call her an endless well of joy and delight. Because she is, many laugh so much harder, cry less and smile a whole lot. To me, she offers me so much joy and is the balm to everything.

.. So my summary is that your friend is someone who encourages deep happiness in your soul, spirit, body and mind. Someone who understands and loves you unconditionally. Someone who makes space for you and your growth. Someone who is always seeking the best of you. Someone who is always standing for the best in you. If you have even one of these, you are truly blessed :-) Take your time everyday to pray for them, bless them and be thankful for their constant presence in your life. They are a precious gift.

Have a lovely day being a gorgeous friend and sharing love and happiness with your friends. Is there a greater gift?

In Love

Always xxx

NB: 30th July is International Friendship Day

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