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Becoming Glorious...

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

There is no one to change but self - Neville Goddard

My concept of self is always evolving and with this evolution my life transforms in incredible ways -the people, circumstances, situations change. Everything around me changes when I make the change inside. And when my change is always for the good, great, constructive and significant -the blessings that come my way are all good, great, constructive and significant.

The joy of this realisation is the blessing we should all hold onto when we are growing into the highest versions of ourselves. This is because certain people or situations that we love could change because of the change in us. Sometimes that change means that they leave. They are no longer a part of our present and now. They become a part of our past. For some this is alright but I am a love forever type of person so ... I needed a perspective to get me through.

In this space I cheerfully hold onto the idea that the best is coming, it is always getting better and the future is always brighter. Even in what seems to be the darkest of times, I hold onto the vision of who I am becoming, what I am achieving and I enjoy becoming the manifestation of my truest self. I find immense delight in the new people and the new situations that are coming my way. These new moments tell me that I am doing well and an avalanche of blessings is making it's way to me. They always say it starts like a trickle and suddenly there is a great overflowing!

We are all an idea of God's love and our true satisfaction comes when the idea of God is fully revealed through us! Going through a journey of self-transformation is for the realisation and the unfolding of our highest selves; unleashing all our potential. The journey is for the revelation of our truest and more valuable selves. It is a journey that takes us to the most vibrant, satisfied and evolved versions of ourselves. God is calling us to our glory. I call it becoming glorious ...

Definition of Glorious: The definition of glorious is a person or thing that is magnificent and worthy of high praise.

When we are glorious; our talents, gifts, energies and efforts are focused on fulfilling the purpose that is within us. We are glorious when we are radiant and vibrant in our brilliance; living in line with our authentic desires and visions. We are glorious when we fully reveal the beauty in our souls and spirits. We are like a great beacon of light in the darkest cave. So as the ones we love choose to move into our past or as situations we used to love move into the past, we make complete peace and celebrate. What can compare to answering God's call? What can compare to you experiencing your wildest dreams? What can compare to you finally having what you were hungry for? What can compare to the feeling of joy when the full vision in you becomes reality? What can compare to you being fully and beautifully expressed? What can compare to your pleasure? What can compare to your exhilaration? What can compare to you becoming glorious ...

In Love

Always xxx

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